Paula's Buzz

Paula's philanthrophy highlighted in L Style G Style

Paula is featured as a Friend of L Style G Style in the magazine's March/April edition. We are truly honored to be considered a part of the most fun, dynamic, creative community in Austin. In addition to a little business and family history, the article reveals some of Paula's thoughts on philanthropy.

Tasting Panel magazine shows Paula's "Rising Spirits"

In a Tasting Panel magazine article by Anthony Head, the lighter side of Paula reveals the darker side of the spirits business. Photographer Kirk Weddle acurately captured Paula's sentiments about juggling the requirements of the business eight years into the venture.

Paula's Texas Spirits on KEYE TV's "We are Austin"

KEYE TV's "We Are Austin" features Central Texas Distillers and Brewers, including Paula's Texas Spirits. Watch Paula discuss the company background in the glamorous distillery while Chris peels oranges like a madman. Meanwhile, some civilized folks are enjoying Paula's drinks at the Cedar Door.

Paula on TV!! Check out HDNet's "Drinking Made Easy"

Zane Lamprey and his crazy friends came through Austin taping their "Drinking Made Easy" TV series and made a stop at Paula's distillery. High jinks ensued, as they say, when Zane asked for a Paula's Punch. Read about their visit to the Austin area or watch the video.

KVUE airs segment on Central Texas booze industry

Austin station KVUE aired a revealing look at the Central Texas spirits industry. Tito Beveridge of Tito's Vodka and Dan Garrison of Garrison Brothers Distillery nab most of the air time, but kudos to David Jabour of Twin Liquors who gives the rest of us a shout-out.

Smithsonian Magazine touts Texas microdistillers

Smithsonian Magazine's article on Texas spirits highlights the success of the industry so far, but points out room for growth and opportunity for cooperative marketing as well.


Paula Angerstein Featured in Edible Austin MagazinePaula profiled in Edible Austin magazine

"A Spirited Woman" in Edible Austin profiles Paula and her motivations for entering the liquor business. Thanks to MM Pack for a succinct yet entertaining trip through my life story. Edible Austin is an indispensable resource for keeping up with the latest in locally produced foods as well as locavore events and activism. Pick up a copy at Whole Foods, farmers' markets, and other locally owned businesses around Austin and the Hill Country.

Paula & Paul one of Out & About 500

Paula and Paul were named one of the Austin American-Statesman's Out & About 500 in the nightlife category for the fourth year running. Paula and Paul chatted with Michael Barnes, the Austin American-Statesman's man about town, on topics ranging from liquor sales to the state of Austin nightlife. You can read the conversation at Michael's Out and About blog.

Classic cocktails by local mixologists feature Paula's

Austin-area mixologists discuss classic cocktails and share recipes, some featuring Paula's, in the Austin Chronicle.

Paula's Texas Spirits featured in Restaurantville

Paula's featured in Restaurantville e-zine

Paula's is featured along with other local spirits in the cover story of the first edition of the Texas Restaurant Association's online magazine Restaurantville Monthly. Rebecca Robinson's timely article describes how more and more Texas establishments are catching on to the wealth of quality local spirits at their disposal. And thanks to David Alan, who says what I've been thinking for a while: "I think that every bar and restaurant should take it as their patriotic duty to stock a bottle of each of the Texas spirits."


Paula's in American Way magazine!

Check out page 14 of the Sept. 1 issue of American Way magazine, available onboard all American Airlines flights. Paula's is mentioned as a prominent player in an article on craft distillers.

Texas Monthly summer cocktails feature Paula's

Paula's Texas Orange and Lemon are hailed as popular mixers in Texas Monthly's summer cocktail recipes published in the July issue. Justin Beam of the Rattlesnake Bar at Fearing's in Dallas uses Paula's Lemon in the gin-based Trinity River Project, a variation of the Aviation. And Tyler Treharne of the 2900 Kitchen/Lounge in El Paso uses both the lemon and orange in a yummy-sounding Sangria recipe.

Paula's Texas Orange featured in "Coolest Drink in Austin"

Your Austin Address & Lifestyle magazine chose Ranch 616's cocktail, The Brushfire, as the Coolest Drink in Austin in its May issue. The Brushfire is made with equal parts Paula's Texas Orange, Tito's Vodka, and fresh lime juice, spiced up with a cayenne-rimmed glass and floating jalapeno slices. Seven local businesses submitted entries, but one judge said of the drink, "I've never had a better drink in my life!". Head on over to Ranch 616 at 616 Nueces and settle back with a Brushfire on their beautiful patio.

Paula's is popular in Drink Local contest

Paula's Texas Spirits were prominently featured in the cocktail creation contest sponsored by The Tipsy Texan at Edible Austin's Drink Local event in early December. Four out the five drink finalists used a Paula's product, while fellow spirits producers serving drink samples gravitated towards Paula's products as a mixer as well. We were serving Paula's Texas Orange with fresh-squeezed grapefruit from the Texas Valley.


Paula's Texas Orange featured in the Official Drink of Austin

Ranch 616's entry "Ring of Fire" took the top prize as the Official Drink of Austin at the competition sponsored by Tito's Vodka. The drink, composed of equal parts Paula's Texas Orange, Tito's, and lime juice is served in a hollowed-out jalapeno rimmed with spicy salt with a Lone Star beer chaser.

Paula's in Conde Nast's Daily Traveler blog

Paula's Texas Orange is mentioned in Conde Nast's Daily Traveler blog, posted by The Tipsy Texan, David Alan. Perhaps we can teach the world to make a better margarita!

Margarita how-to video taps Paula's Texas Orange

Noted local mixologist David Alan of The Tipsy Texan shows viewers at how to create the perfect margarita and says Paula's Texas Orange makes the best. View the video.

Austin Woman magazine profiles the real Paula

Get a glimpse of the real Paula in a profile published in Austin Woman magazine's July issue. Noted local author Susan Cashin gets the scoop on Paula's background and business motivation. Click here to read the article.

Paula's Texas Orange voted "Best locally made spirit, wine, or beer" in the Austin area!

In a week-long online poll, Paula's Texas Orange was voted "Best locally made spirit, wine, or beer" in the Austin American-Statesman's A-list competition. Paula's took 41% of the vote, showing that local spirits aficionados know a high-quality product when they taste one.

Paula's tops international competition in local spirits taste-off

Paula's Texas Orange topped Citronge orange liqueur and Paula's Texas Lemon beat Caravella limoncello in a local spirits taste-off sponsored by the Austin Chronicle's spirits connoisseur Wes Marshall. Read about Central Texas' local spirits producers and the contest, and check out some cool drink recipes.

Paula's products named "Best in Austin"

Paula's Texas Spirits' products won acclaim in The Austin Chronicle's "Best of Austin 2007"! Connoisseurs say "PTO is an essential ingredient in margaritas of the local variety, and PTL is as fine a sipping liqueur as there is." Just what we've been thinking!


The UT game viewing party at Moonshine hosted by Paula's Texas Spirits was a big hit. Read what party goers had to say.

Paula is featured in the food section of the Austin American-Statesman June 27. The article reveals how Paula got into the business and some secrets about how the product is made.

Paula's Texas Lemon is profiled in the summer edition of Eat & Drink Austin, a fun chronicle of local eateries and products.

Paula's Texas Spirits is featured in the Austin Business Journal's May 4 edition. The article relates the difficulties of starting up a business in the liquor industry. Read the article.

Paula and her products garnered a nice write-up in the February issue of "A" magazine, a new supplement to the Austin Business Journal. Folks say the "product sells itself" because of its great flavor and high quality.

The Liquor Snob is a very cool Web site about all things alcoholic. Check out their review of Paula's Texas Lemon and review of Paula's Texas Orange.