Paula's Texas Spirits Paula AngersteinA little slice of sunshine

Yes, there is a Paula.

I am a native Texan, long-time Austin resident, and UT graduate.  I love living in Austin, but I have parted with it now and then to try out different cultures.

One culture I really like is the one found in the countryside of Italy. A place where people take tremendous pride in their local drink and foodstuff; where people put loving care into growing grapes and crushing olives to make wine and oil that are savored and practically shout out their quality. I wanted to bring that type of product to Austin with something that folks here could call their own and know it was made with local pride. Something they could share with friends over good times. An orange liqueur— reminiscent of Italy's limoncello, enjoyed by many to cap off a satisfying evening— was the perfect fit. Austinites love nothing more than to share a margarita with friends.

I founded Texacello LLC in 2003, garnered the second distiller's license in Texas, and am still in the process of learning the byzantine ways of the liquor industry. I have met lots of nice and helpful people along the way and am looking forward to the rest of the journey.

Paula's Texas Spirits are distributed throughout the state of Texas by Republic National Distributing Company.