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Spring 2012

Paula shines in L Style G Style magazine

Paula is profiled as a friend of the LGBT community in the March/April issue of Austin's L Style G Style magazine. "I am truly honored to be considered a part of the most fun, dynamic, creative community in town," Paula says. "We just try to return some of the great support and love that has been shown for our products." Check out Paula in her favorite Mad Men cocktail dress on page 58 of the issue.


Farmer Party & Film Screening
benefiting The Greenhorns
March 16
Green Gate Farms

Austin CultureMap Tastemaker Awards
April 12
Driskill Hotel

East Austin Urban Farm Tour
April 15
Hausbar Farm

Chefs for Farmers
May 6
Lee Park, Dallas

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Drink for Spring

Austin Daisy

Austin Daisy
Austin Daisy
This is our take on the daisy, the broader category of cocktail that includes the margarita ("margarita" is Spanish for "daisy".) A daisy simply contains a base spirit, citrus juice, and sweetner. We like the complex notes in Waterloo Gin, tempered with the sweetness of Paula's Texas Lemon. Think of it as a margarita with gin substituted for tequila, Paula's Texas Lemon for Paula's Texas Orange, and lemon juice for lime juice.

1 oz. Paula's Texas Lemon
1 oz. Waterloo Gin
oz. fresh-squeezed lemon juice
oz. lemonade or sweet and sour

Mix ingredients. To serve martini-style, shake with ice and strain into chilled margarita glass. For a more refreshing version, serve over lots of ice. Garnish with a lemon twist.

Help! I could use a hand...

This could be the funniest picture of Paula published yet. Check it out in the March issue of The Tasting Panel magazine ("Rising Spirits" on page 34 of the current digital edition). While the tone of the accompanying article is light-hearted, Paula reveals some of the darker side of the business. We are very excited and proud to be included in this nationally distributed industry magazine. Thank you, Anthony.

PTL in Four Season's local drink 

Paula's Texas Lemon is featured in the Austin Four Season's "Austin Road Trip" cocktail, their entry in a nationwide Four Seasons program featuring locally sourced ingredients in cocktails. According to the Four Seasons, the 100-mile cocktail captures Austin's vibe of green spaces along with invigorating dining and music scenes and combines the "classic cocktail approach with artisan distilleries and the bounty of our own backyard... so no matter how far you get down the road, you always want to come back". According to us, it just tastes mighty fine.

Austin Road Trip

This cocktail may be too fussy for all but the most ambitious home bartender, so we advise taking a road trip to the Four Seasons to try it.


1 oz. Waterloo Gin (made in Austin)
 oz. Paula's Texas Lemon (made in Austin)
1 oz. Rio Red Grapefruit Juice (from the Valley)
oz. Lavender Syrup (from the Hill Country)
1 bar spoon Good Flow Honey (from Cedar Creek)
1 Vital Farms Egg White (from Austin)
oz. fresh-squeezed lemon juice

Combine above ingredients in a shaker tin with ice. Shake until frothy and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with Candied Grapefruit Lavender Chip.

100 mile postcard

Paula's Texas Orange 40% alc. by volume. Paula's Texas Lemon 30% alc. by volume. 
Bottled by Texacello LLC, Austin, TX. Drink responsibly.